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Early Fall

  • red velvet tx cake beauty shot

    Red Velvet Texas Sheet Cake

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    Texas sheet cakes have a mixing method similar to brownies. In fact, even though the crumb texture is cake-like, the moistness, and intense flavor is like a brownie. I ...

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  • red velvet brownies beauty

    Red Velvet Brownies with Classic Cream Cheese Frosting

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    These ultra moist brownies can be cut into squares, or whatever shape you’d like. In this case, Valentine’s Day is a couple days away so it only seemed appropriate ...

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  • RV s'doodle beauty shot

    Red Velvet Snickerdoodles

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    Snickerdoodles get their characteristic chewy centers from the addition of cream of tartar. Cream of tartar prevents all of the sugar from crystalizing. The sugar that does crystalize, ...

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