Freezing the whipped topping allows to melt slowly into the hot chocolate rather than instantly dissolving if topped directly from the just whipped bowl.
Luscious Hot Chocolate

Rich, dark, intense all adjectives...

What should I bring? Bake and Take Loaves!

  • moscato lemon loaf

    Moscato Lemon Loaf

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    Cooking with wine has always been popular, but is particularly trendy now. Moscato, the ‘it’ wine of last summer, is used to enhance the flavor of this luscious ...

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  • Tropical Trio Loaf with Coconut Crumble

    Tropical Trio Loaf with Coconut Crumble

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    Lots of banana flavor along with pineapple, and dehydrated mandarin orange bits. The topping adds a crunchy note with flaked coconut. Trader Joe’s carries dehydrated soft mandarin orange segments, ...

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  • Pineapple Upside Down Loaf

    Pineapple Upside Down Loaf

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    Just like the iconic skillet cake, this loaf has crushed pineapple, and bright red maraschino cherries as the topping. Same flavors none of the fuss though if transporting ...

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