Freezing the whipped topping allows to melt slowly into the hot chocolate rather than instantly dissolving if topped directly from the just whipped bowl.
Luscious Hot Chocolate

Rich, dark, intense all adjectives...

Early Fall 2019

  • honey bourbon chips

    Honey Bourbon Glazed Sweet Potato Chips

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    Honey. Bourbon. Sweet Potato Chips. Yes, these chips are all that and more. A butter honey glaze is created then bourbon is added just before pouring over a ...

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  • DSC_0237

    Fried Apples

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    With fall in the air, apple picking season is arriving. The farmer’s market had Cortlands a few weeks ago with others sure to follow. This is traditional side ...

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  • Butterfinger PC Beauty pic

    Butterfinger Popcorn Clusters

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    This is a magic trick, really. Candy corn transforms into Butterfinger-flavored goo that coats popcorn. A touch of milk chocolate and the trick is a success! I don’t ...

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  • red beans n rice pic

    Red Beans and Rice

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    This is an easy, economical, homey recipe. A Louisiana classic that I’ve pared down to typical pantry items makes it perfect for a weeknight meal. While a piece of ...

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