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Early Fall 2019

  • honey bourbon chips

    Honey Bourbon Glazed Sweet Potato Chips

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    Honey. Bourbon. Sweet Potato Chips. Yes, these chips are all that and more. A butter honey glaze is created then bourbon is added just before pouring over a ...

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  • DSC_0237

    Fried Apples

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    With fall in the air, apple picking season is arriving. The farmer’s market had Cortlands a few weeks ago with others sure to follow. This is traditional side ...

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  • Butterfinger PC Beauty pic

    Butterfinger Popcorn Clusters

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    This is a magic trick, really. Candy corn transforms into Butterfinger-flavored goo that coats popcorn. A touch of milk chocolate and the trick is a success! I don’t ...

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  • red beans n rice pic

    Red Beans and Rice

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    This is an easy, economical, homey recipe. A Louisiana classic that I’ve pared down to typical pantry items makes it perfect for a weeknight meal. While a piece of ...

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