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Heavenly Ham

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I just have to tell you all about a couple of things that happened over the last couple of weeks that really filled me with the Christmas spirit. You know it has been crazy around here the entire month of December, so imagine my stress when my husband, on December...

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Zeke’s First Christmas

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Written by: Dr. Robert Darnell, Elizabethtown, KY Final Segment So I stood there stinking and laughing at my canine friend as she tried to escape the skunk’s retribution. She wallowed on her back; she put both paws on her nose and blew repeatedly, sending puffs of powdery snow and skunk...

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Zeke’s First Christmas, Part 3

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Leo shook him to stop the noise, but it only increased. By the time she reached the door, she had shaken him unconscious. We hurried into the night with me whispering, “Good doggie girl! Goooood Leo.” She blinked her acceptance of my praise.We walked together off the porch and into...

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Zeke’s First Christmas Part 2

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Zeke’s First ChristmasWritten by: Dr. Robert DarnellPart 2 Still, there was the skunk. The choir singing “Silent Night” on our stereo seemed to be holding their noses as they recounted the traditional events of that holy night.Constance scooped up baby Zeke as she bolted to the bedroom and called over...

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Zeke’s First Christmas, Part One

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Fellowship Hall Food Tables Back wall depicts church history. The center garland on the table was made from cuttings donated by church members. I just wanted to share some pictures of the church project that I was working on over the past few weeks which kept me so busy I...

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Big bras, bigger stories, and one giant Merry Christmas

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Oh, I had the best time yesterday afternoon. I visited the ladies at the floral shop in town. I haven’t been by in months and ended up staying 2 hours. I just love stopping by and chatting because it’s like we all become teenagers again, lots of giggling and girl...

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I Hate that I Missed Tuesday and Wednesday

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Finally, all the billing is done. I actually enjoy the process, don’t misunderstand. It’s just that there was soooo much to do. Plus, coming off a holiday weekend, the office staff was a bit looney. My husband and I hiked last Saturday afternoon probably more exercise than either of us...

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Busy at Work

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So sorry that I haven’t stopped to blog today.You see, I work at my husband’s business and today is invoicing day. I’ve had the last 1-1/2 weeks off to work on a church project, but today he put his foot down. “That church project is taking forever, I need billing...

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