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Cracklin’ Crisp Chicken and Gardening Overload

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The finished plate Just off the Viking Elliptical Cooker Half way point… The resting bird I actually prepared this chicken recipe a few weeks ago, but we are going to grill another chicken tonight because neither of us have been able to forget the cracklin’ quality of the crispy chicken...

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Pawpaw Patch

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Amish plow horses, I think they are Percherons. I haven’t tilled my garden in 4 years because the Amish neighbor comes up with the horses and turns the soil with his old plow. No carbon footprint here! Pawpaw Patch. The pawpaw trees, or should I say, sprigs arrived Thursday afternoon...

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Baby Artichokes, I love ‘em

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A raw baby artichoke is on the left side. A prepped artichoke ready for the saucepan is on the right. After simmering the artichokes for 40 minutes, they were tender. Here, they are stored in water with a tablespoon of white vinegar. A cooked baby artichoke, halved, as you can...

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