Bone Broth: A Rant, and Clarification

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Last year, bone broth this, bone broth that; just about every whole foods and healthy living blogger seemed to proclaim the healing properties of bone broth. I thought, ‘Is this something new?’…’With bones’…’How could I not be aware’? My sis made bone broth. Now I knew I needed to study up. Then, I started reading some derision over the last few months. Still felt like I needed to read up and make my own opinion.

Today, I studied, and researched bone broth. Confusion at first; sure sounds a lot like stock. I looked up the definitions of stock, and broth. Yep, still the same as they ever were. I’ll sum the definitions up for you: Stock gels, broth doesn’t. I’ll wrap it up for you in a minute. First, a special message to all those darling whole foods healthy living bloggers out there . Whatever planetary rotation you follow in your blogosphere, don’t muddy the waters with your alliteration-happy, mono-syllabic ‘bone broth’. It. is. stock. Plain and simple.

Now, some of you, and I dare say, unbeknownst to you, are actually making broth, from bones. Here, I’ll help you understand. Stock is the foundation for other sauces, soups, etc… Broth is fortified with enough meat in the beginning, possibly vegetables, that it can be consumed on it’s own. But, if you are making your ‘bone broth’ with roasted bones, vinegar, water, and a few bay leaves, you are making stock. Just like peasants, chefs, wifes, and mothers ages and ages before you. When my life’s work is to break down culinary barriers, and make food and cooking accessible to EVERYone, you can understand why I got somewhat frustrated.

If that is not enough, when I was in Whole Foods yesterday, there on a shelf sat a container of bone broth. I read the labels. No difference in it and stock. So, the marketing machine has begun its’ work on those hapless folks who don’t know any better.

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