Snow, Glorious Snow

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I shut the door and yelled, ‘Where are you?’ She was already half way up the road. Turning towards me, I waved my arms, ‘Wait for me!’ Catching up to her, I yelled, ‘Race ya!’, and we took off running and laughing so hard in the falling snow. Snow, glorious snow, frozen flakes all around us.

Snow was drifting in the french drains down in the field. By this time, my voice catching on the wind, I was walking towards the big one I could just make out down by the lake. ‘Come on, snow angel time.’ as I flopped into that big old drift. Snoosh, snoosh, snoosh, the sound of cloth against crystalline snow, and a snow angel was born. I rolled over on my knees brushing snow off the backs of my arms, and told her ‘Mine’s the best!’

Snow, fluffy, fine snow, still falling making the semi-frozen  lake water disappear under it’s fast falling flakes. It was hard to tell lake’s edge from field’s edge now. These weren’t big flakes, but the small feathery kind like powdered sugar shaking down upon us from some lofty angel’s celestial pantry.

And the stillness, snow’s stillness, a cocooning type of quiet only a snowfall can bring. I looked over and her lashes were white from clinging snow flakes. She caught me looking and stuck her tongue out. I raised my face upward and smiled then laughed. The snow landing on my face melted running down my cheeks like teardrops. I fluffed my neck scarf to free the  flakes so they could continue their descent to earth.

The stillness, grayness, and quiet were encompassing. Lowslung clouds hung like lint at the tops of the brittle branched trees up on raven’s roost. We headed there with a sled to share between us. She sat down in front of me my knees raised on either side of her like arm rests. We pushed off not particularly graceful in our lunging to get the sled started. Slowly, a little faster, a little more speed, woosh!

Flying down the hill, snow pellets stinging our eyes, hair in my mouth, laughing, screaming, and then it was over. Just like always, forever to walk up the hill, and seconds to come down. Up and down, a couple of sled rollovers more like roll offs, then we were done.

Lying at the bottom of the hill staring into the sky both of us breathing hard, my hands were freezing. ‘Let’s call it a day’, as I sat up reaching for the sled’s rope. I started to stand, her nearly knocking me down as she jumped up and hugged me around the waist. I wrapped my arms around her shoulders, and bent down to whisper, ‘I love you’ against her ear. Tears welled up as I realized there wouldn’t be many more of these snowy winter afternoons.

One, or both of us, in years coming sooner than later wouldn’t be around or able to frolic as we had today. My heart actually ached at the painful thought. Not even a thousand memories of past winters would make up for the beauty of this moment. A million snowflakes falling around us making this wonderland, and time was passing just as quickly.

Ticking, ticking with every snow flake’s fall. And we stood here encircled by each other in the still point, that point between the tick, tock, ticking of time’s concluding clock. Me, my dog, and this winter’s glorious snowfall.

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  1. posted by Donna on February 18, 2015

    Janine, I loved your story, the end was great. thanks for sharing. Donna Cope


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