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Ready to chill in the freezer then bake.

I never considered shortbread as a cookie of choice. Boring, dry, and old fashioned would be my description until my sister brought up the subject. Seems that she has been sworn to secrecy regarding a Scottish shortbread recipe. Secrecy? Shortbread? I was intrigued. Even Mom got into the game by...

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12 Sweets of Christmas: 12, Date Balls and a Little CSI (Cookie Scene Investigation)

By: | 0 Comments | On: December 24, 2013 | Category : Baking, Holiday Celebrations

After icing the clunky little cookie looks shiny and inviting.

For 15 Christmas’s I have heard the story of Hot Dot, his maternal Grandmother, buying cookies that he has never seen nor tasted since his childhood. White balls filled with dark filling and iced with white icing. She would go to Plehn’s Bakery in St. Matthews and buy about 9...

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12 Sweets of Christmas: 10 & 11: Christmas Ornament Pudding and Peppermint Ribbon Brownies

By: | 0 Comments | On: December 23, 2013 | Category : Baking, Cooking, Holiday Celebrations

These sweets have essentially the same ingredients yet the ratios are different thus yielding a soft pudding or a fudgy brownie. Each have chocolate squares, milk, eggs, and a starch. Isn’t it funny how we  can be same yet different even in the kitchen? Wouldn’t we all get along better...

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12 Sweets of Christmas: 8, Nutella’s Competition, Biscoff Butter

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speculoos ingredients

I remember many childhood breakfasts with Nutella on the table. Oma sent over the oval shaped jars from Germany. And, as many children in Germany, we spread it on our breakfast toast. I don’t recall eating it as a snack, but definitely as a breakfast treat. American Nutella is not...

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12 Sweets of Christmas: 7, Lost, But Found, Jimmy Cake

By: | 0 Comments | On: December 16, 2013 | Category : Baking, Holiday Celebrations

instant coffee powder, chocolate jimmies, and the old recipe.

A Facebook friend, Bonnie, contacted me this summer regarding a cake from her family’s past. A loved one made this cake but never gave the recipe to anyone nor did anyone watch her make the cake. She described it as best she could and wanting to help, I researched her...

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12 Sweets of Christmas: 1-2, Sour Cream Poundcake, Brandy Snaps and Thoughts on Old Traditions and New

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I have been using this sour cream poundcake for 25 years. I give it as a gift, use it for wedding cakes, and as a snack cake. The subtle tang of sour cream offset by real vanilla appeals to most tastebuds and age ranges. It holds up to sauces, fresh...

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Angel Biscuits, they are Heavenly!

By: | 0 Comments | On: November 25, 2008 | Category : Baking, Dinner, Recipes

We are going over to our friend’s house for Thanksgiving dinner. I volunteered to bring rolls, so I’ve been mulling over some ideas and have finally settled on the following: Streusel-topped cornbread muffins, angel biscuits, and mini croissants. An assortment of baked goods appeals to a wide audience, and there...

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